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How to Get a Job as a Video Game Tester

Ever dream of being a video game tester? It would be such an amazing career playing the latest games for a living. Well, it isn’t quite a glamorous as it sounds because it’s not all fun and games. As a tester, it is your job to source bugs and issues within the game and if you don’t do a good enough job you could end up costing a company millions and their reputation too. That is why you have to be at the top of your game even if it’s not testing a PS4 or XBOX game; there are lots of video game platforms and a lot of opportunity too. Read on and find a little more about getting a job as a video game tester. Read top article!

You May Need Qualifications

While most would say they can become a video game tester as it’s just about playing a level for a few hours, it isn’t as simple as that. Game testers have the duty to find bugs and potential errors within the game and they aren’t always easy to find which is why you need to be a serious gamer. Some companies may want to hire those with more than just pure gaming experience; some may want qualifications in computing and other areas. It would be look to look into these, but it is important to note that not all companies will require this. It can be an advantage depending on your level of experience.

Join a Game Tester Community

Don’t be fooled into believing since you know games you can walk into a great paying video game tester job because it doesn’t work like that. You need contacts in order to become a professional tester which is why it would be an advantage to join a professional game tester community. This will put you in the right lane and potentially get you one step closer to constant work. You can meet people in the same line of work as you it could lead to a recommendation somewhere down the line and that equals more work.Also, it’s good to get your name out there.

You Have To Be Flexible In Your Working Limits

Which city or town do you reside in? Contrary to beliefs, you do not have to live solely in a major city to get work as a video game tester. There are cities worldwide that test games and it isn’t necessarily always in the big cities. However, if you are located near a major city or location that is well known for gaming, it would be wise to be flexible. If you are willing to work remotely as well as do a little bit of traveling, that may put you in good stead. There are many companies looking for game testers right now and while you may not know the company extremely well, they are still potential avenues to consider.

Gaming Experience Is Crucial

Video GameMost of all, you must have that gaming experience. For most video game companies searching for testers, they want regular players just as much as they want qualified individuals. As said, every gaming company is different and while some may very well want someone with fancy qualifications, some may not. However, it doesn’t matter if you have a stack of qualifications behind you, you absolutely need to be a gamer and have gaming experience behind you too. Once you do, you can search for a tester vacancy and you never know, you may be successful. See more info coming from

A Game of Skill and Chance

Like all industries, it’s tough to break into. You have others who have been in this business for years and have more gaming experience than you but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still break into it. Like an actor, they have to work hard and constantly practice and audition to get their break and it’s the same with video game testers. You have to search for suitable vacancies and apply to the jobs you feel you’re suited to or are able to handle.…

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Best New Video Games Of 2017

Who doesn’t love video games? Whether you’re a full-time gamer or just an occasional player, you are sure to love the array of new games hitting the market in the upcoming year! The best thing of all, you are going to have so many to choose from and whether you love first-person shooter games or action and adventure games, there will be something for you. In truth, games are evolving as each year rolls around and it’s quite interesting to say the least. You never know where a game will take you.

Tekken 7

Tekken has been around for almost two decades now and it is only getting better! Critics will say it’s the same old thing over and over again, but it offers so much. Gamers are going to have the standard arcade version in which you can play several rounds and fight to become King of Iron Fist Champion. However, gamers can also follow the story arcade battle in which follows the Mishima blood line feud. There are new players on board and with another new line of the story, there is something for everyone. The graphics have improved so much as newer consoles appear, so this new game will appeal to most Tekken die-hard fans.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil – it’s one of the most feared horror games and it’s not hard to see why. When Resident Evil first appeared, it was truly an amazing game and one that gripped gamers everywhere. With the latest, R.E. 7 Biohazard, it looks to be such an amazing and very true to its origins game. The latest game from the horror series goes back to its roots; it’s a survival horror game with a lot of suspense and you never know where it’ll take you! It’s a first-person survival horror and it’s dark, gloomy and super exciting! There are going to be plenty of scares and a lot of zombies to take down! visit us now!

Battalion 1944

This has to be one of the most anticipated games of the new year and it’s certainly going to appeal to first-person shooter gamers and those who love back-to-basics games. Now, Battalion 1944 is a wonderfully set WW2 game and you haven’t seen a lot of these since the PS2 were around so this might just be quite special. The game is very basic without all the advanced in-game play such as jet packs, but that can be a great thing. You don’t need those things to make the game enjoyable. This game looks promising and is going to appeal to gamers young and old.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of ZeldaZelda has been a game out for many years now and this latest promises big things. This again is going back to basics in terms of the first game which again is great. Too many games try to outdo the last one by making it a little more unrealistic and that can be off-putting. However, this latest game not only appeals to Zelda fans but to those who don’t know much about the series. This is certainly looking very impressive and there is a lot on offer here too. It’s an open world design with more monsters. Get latest news from

Games of Beauty

There are many amazing games hitting the market in the upcoming months and they all promise something exciting and new. While there are some games that hit the market beautifully, others are less likely but in truth, they will appeal to individuals perfectly. Whether you love survival horror or adventure or shooting games, there is something for everyone. Look forward to the upcoming games and they will soon be in your gaming collection!…