How to Play Field Hockey

Nothing is more fulfilling than whacking a small, hard ball, with a huge, hard field hockey stick. In any case, field hockey gives you a chance to toss that ball, flick it, move it, slide it around and in the middle of other player’s legs, toss it, pass it, and that’s just the beginning. Not for the cowardly, or those with delicate skulls, field hockey is a group activity that is earning a lot of fame and rightly so. Try it out, and you will definitely end up plainly surprised and amazed!

Get equipment, including a stick and a ball. There are a lot of brands; look around and discover a stick that is of an agreeable weight and height for you, not only one that is good to look at. The height of the stick should come up to your midriff. Shin as well as ankle guards are a smart idea, as well. Like in numerous games, a mouth guard is generally required in the event that you need to get into alliance. Be sure to read some field hockey equipment reviews before making a final purchase.

Get a grip. With your left hand, grasp your stick at the top with knuckles lined up and thumb pointing down towards the hooked bit of the stick, generally lined up with the bit that is pointing up. Hook thumb around handle if wanted (individuals have been known to break them on impact). Your correct hand should grasp your stick freely at a point bring down on the stick that is comfortable to you. You ought to have the capacity to stand with the hooked tip brushing the ground, the flat end should be facing outwards. Give all fingers a chance to grasp the stick and work on going low into a hunched position. Ensure you keep your chest up and twist at the midriff. This will take into account better vision of the field and more control. Keep in mind that your left hand does the managing of the stick, your right hand is there for help. There is no such thing as a “lefty” stick, so ensure you generally utilize your left hand.

Take a stance. Left foot pointing front, right foot back for support. Curve your knees marginally, go for the ball, which ought to be in accordance with your left foot or somewhat before it, yet not ahead. It is vital to make sure to but rather twist your back keep your knees bent. Else, you will be extremely sore the following day! Work on getting the edge of the level side on the ground as a stop. The ball ought to be a sticks’ length away from your body.

Trap the ball. Numerous individuals put their sticks down, parallel to the ground (to amplify obstructive surface territory), however with training you’ll have the capacity to get behind the ball and utilize the head of the stick. To stop the ball, as it’s coming towards you, move in reverse, to slow down the ball before stopping it.